Her name is Alice

Maybe during one of your walks downtown Thessaloniki, Athens, Brussels, London, NY or even Miami you’ve spotted some stickers with our logo illustrating a fuchsia girl. It is time to meet Alice! Hearing the name for the first time, you might have some guesses why we chose it. You may think that it comes from the homonymous programming language or that our favorite fairy tale is Alice in Wonderland, which is true, or that we listen too much to Alice in Chains, which is also true.

Alice is an iconic example name in computer science. Especially in fields like cryptography and game theory, where we need to imagine scenarios, it is so much more convenient that we have a character, build a story around them and maintain it through all of the examples we want to use, so that the process becomes easier and a little bit more fun. For this reason, instead of using the all-time boring, “person A sends a message to person B”, we imagine a world where Alice and Bob live.

With sciences evolving and reaching unexplored places, the world of Alice and Bob has evolved too. There are numerous versions of A+B story, Alice and Bob are friends, Alice is Bob’s girlfriend, Alice and Bob are in a stormy relationship, or Alice and Bob have never truly met but only communicate through messages.

In a Code it Like a Girl context, Alice represents the everyday woman or girl, of any ethnicity, age and background that comes with her own story. As cryptography Alice has a boyfriend like Bob, friends like Carol, Charlie, Dan and Dave and even enemies like Eve, the CLG workshop attendee is a protagonist of her own world that our team cares to know. Our workshops are oriented into each one of our students personally and the educational process tries to align the introduction to coding with their true passions.

So, Alice is You, a woman or girl with a name, a personality, a past and a very bright future ahead of you. And if you learn a little bit of coding, we promise you, it is going to be even brighter!


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