Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give a certificate of attendance?

Certificates of attendance will be handed out in order to reward and certify the successful attendance during workshops or events. However, we think that what really matters is not the certificate but the things you are going to create during the workshops. You will feel more proud when you will have to show something more than a paper in order to prove that you “graduated” from our workshops!

How can I get informed about your workshops and activities?

We announce everything in our website and through our social media channels, but if you want to be fully updated, you can join our newsletter (our newsletter is currently being written only in greek).

I live in another city, can I join?

 If you live in a city different that the ones where our activities take place, don’t hesitate to express your interest to us through email. In case there is a sufficient number of interested women in a city, we will try to organize some workshops there. At the same time, until that happens, we can suggest some significant sources so that you can start studying by yourself.

Which are the requirements to join your workshops?

We accept girls and women of any age required they have basic knowledge of computer use and basic English language knowledge in order to understand better the terminology.

Are you a feminist organization?

Even though we don’t have a problem with the feminist movement and we cooperate with groups that aim at the “decriminalization” of the “F word”, we don’t think that there is some political purpose in our organization, meaning that we don’t fight to acquire some rights but to create opportunities and stimuli for women, so that they would be able to really take advantage of their acquired rights. We are oriented towards women but it doesn’t mean that we are an extreme feminist organization that hates and wants to eliminate men.

Based on the research* and our experience we realized that the female audience is under-represented in IT and this is problem not only for women but for the market, too. Moreover, it is confirmed that the highest unemployment percentages concern the female population**. With the above data we thought that it would be useful to create an organization that aims at providing knowledge and give women opportunities in the technology field.

Despite all these, we follow closely the situation related to women’s rights and when discriminations against them are discovered, we will use our channels to provoke the interest of the audience.



Why do your workshops have a fee?

We want Code it Like a Girl to become an organization that will last on time and have its own funds, so that it can continue functioning regardless the fact that it may get scholarships or foundations to support it, while at the same time, it will be distinguished for its high quality standard.

We believe that we should ensure the sustainability of our organization from the very beginning because the social problem we want to tackle requires a lot of time to be solved. Our goal is to secure as many free activities as we can, but we also need to think about the functional needs and tax liabilities that come together with the retention of an organization with legal status.

Despite all these, it is an entity with a clear social character and orientation, so the cost will remain in the lowest possible level.

Why should I join you and don’t watch online tutorials instead?
  • In every “Code it Like a Girl” workshop you are going to work on a specific project that will be of use even after the end of the workshops. The best way to learn something is to work on it! Don’t you think?
  • You will have real-time support from the person that will teach the workshop and her/his assistants. In Code it Like a Girl we believe that during the learning process there are NO stupid questions and we encourage you to ask as much as possible!
  • We will provide our own teaching material in Greek (there is an option to translate it, too)
  • We want to show that programming isn’t a lonely activity but you can share it with others. We will ensure the creation of a women community that will interact often and will cooperate. We want to provide you every tool that we have to make this possible.
  • Mentoring will be provided to you done by people who have already been through the same stages, speeding your development.
  • If you have an idea that worth to become reality, tell it to us! We will search in our network to bring you in touch with the suitable people.
  • Finally, if after our workshops, you feel that you want to study more on some subject, our team will give you a list with the sources you could use.
You know that in our age there doesn’t exist only women and men, everyone can define themselves as they wish. What happens with these people?

If you define yourself, in a social gender view, as women or your biological sex is female, but you feel that it doesn’t suit you, you are despite this welcome to join us. We are an organization that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and we are open to the LGBTQ community, either as far as our volunteers, or as far as the participants in our workshops are concerned.

I am a man and I am disappointed I am left out. Why?

Unquestionably, men, you are welcome to join our team that is creating Code it Like a Girl, if you sympathize with our aim and want to support the participation or women in IT. You can, for example, contribute in the organization and teaching of our workshops, other events or in any other way you want. However, as it is obvious, Code it Like a Girl has an important social mission, bridging the gap of the female representation in IT.

The organization of workshops that are targeting both sexes without exception would be equal to a contradiction of the organization’s vision because we wouldn’t give women the precedence we want. In the same way a company satisfies better its main target group by providing specialized services to it, our workshops are designed to comply with the female preferences and needs.

As a result, you, men can participate in our actions as an audience only under specific requirements and especially if it’s about an event that was initially organized with this possibility and you are committed to keep to the respectful environment towards women. However, if someone of you is interested in learning programming, you can send us an email and we will direct you towards to where you can be oriented or through which sources you can learn. We wish the day that the female percentage in IT will be equal will come and then we will be able to erase the part “Like a Girl” from our name.

Are you a school that provides professional rights or instruction?

We are fully aware of the fact that being a programmer is complex and requires a lot of effort, time and commitment. We give women the first, but really critical, stimulus to work with code and some initial, essential and absolutely practical knowledge in order to create something decent and functional. Neither give we degrees, nor prepare we women to become programmers that will be able to find a job in the field. We are making an introduction up to the point we are able to and afterwards we instruct the participants in their own “searching” and studying part. If you want to have a degree on Informatics and research on the subject, you should contact the official educational institutions.

How did the idea to create Code it Like a Girl came to you?

In summer 2014 when Maria and Anastasia were trying to learn programming by themselves and bring some of their ideas into life, they encountered an international movement: the empowering of the female presence in the field of technology. They admired the work of similar organizations that were really successful in the US and decided to create the first organization with this cause in Greece, in order to provide women, who are now starting programming, the support they didn’t have in their beginning. So, in 10th August of 2014 they registered and started creating the website they published later that month. The rest is history…