At a glance

Code it Like a Girl is a digital media collective that creates content intended to inspire people who self-identify as female to follow their dreams. From technology news and how-to’s to remarkable stories of people all around the world, articles on feminism or just whatever we feel like talking-writing-filming about, we’ll be sharing our POV on anything that can be proven empowering, valuable, informative or entertaining to our audience.


Our story

In 2014 two law students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Maria Dermentzi & Anastasia Siapka, decided to teach themselves how to code in order to build this awesome app they always had in mind! They didn’t build it, but they did learn how to code and then they committed to bring the women-in-tech movement to Greece. August 2014, they announced an open call for co-founders and then they established Code it Like a Girl as a social enterprise along with their co-founders Vasiliki-Eleni Provopoulou, Nefeli Chatziioannidou and Olga Matoula. An early team member, Anthi Malteza, created this beautiful logo. Code it Like a Girl grew up to become a 50+ member organization that taught basic coding skills to more than 250 women and girls in Greece providing them with the inspiration and knowledge to pursue a tech-related career. Thanks to Code it Like a Girl, some of our alumnae found the courage to change career paths, pursue master degrees on IT and succeed in the IT job market.

Today, Code it Like a Girl is being run by Maria Dermentzi and Anastasia Siapka and is changing its direction. Having assessed the feedback of the previous years it became evident that what our audience mainly needed was a little bit of a confidence boost and guidance. Instead of coding workshops, Maria decided to broaden CLG’s impact and offer a diverse toolbox to millennial female professionals. Of course technology will keep being the main -but not narrow- field of interest.

EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to contribute, but there is a specific process that needs to be followed which you can find here.

Code it Like a Girl is supported by the Angelopoulos Clinton GIU Fellowship.