We are thrilled to announce our newly established partnership with Python Italia, the association hosting the annual national Python Conference in Italy. In this year’s PyCon, PyCon Otto, the organizing committee is working hard towards achieving equal representation of female speakers and attendees, therefore we decided to join forces!

From what we know so far, the 8th edition of PyCon Italia is loading fast and is going to be mind-blowing! ? If you already love Python or even if you are just starting to learn this very useful and great for beginners programming language, join Code it Like a Girl and some of the coolest women and men who will gather from 6th to 9th April 2017 in the charming city of Florence.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

PyCon Italia takes pride in bringing together the Python ecosystem for insightful sessions, talks and social events. From Recruiting Sessions and the Startup Competition to Women in Tech activities, PyCon Otto is an experience not to be missed. There will be sessions both in English and Italian, covering a wide range of topics for professionals and beginners alike.

Have an idea for a talk? We’d love to see more female Pythonistas take the stage and share their knowledge. Get in touch with Code it Like a Girl  as soon as possible and we will guide you through the process or submit your proposal until January 10th 2017 following the directions of the link.

Are you a potential attendee? Code it Like a Girl has secured a special discount for women in tech! The discount code gets you 20% off and can be applied on top of all other reduced prices except for the student fare. Save the date and some ? ? ? and grab your Early Bird tickets + the CLG coupon discount at a reduced price until Jan 31st 2017. After that, tickets will be available at their full price (with the CLG coupon discount still applicable) until March 31st.

Code it Like a Girl  discount code: PY20CILAG

Register here!

See you in Florence at PyCon Italia Otto! Arrivederci!