It was in August 2014 when I first conceived the idea of Code it Like a Girl as an organization offering coding workshops to girls and women from Greece, in order for them to obtain the hard skills to lead innovation and bridge the gender gap in the IT industry (for more info go to the “About” page). More than 50 team members and 250 graduates later, Code it Like a Girl is changing its direction.

Having assessed the feedback of the previous years it became evident that what our audience mainly needed was a little bit of a confidence boost and guidance. Instead of coding workshops, I decided to broaden CLG’s impact and offer a diverse toolbox to millennial female professionals. Of course technology will keep being the main -but not narrow- field of interest.

During the following months, I will keep moderating the creation of relevant content so that you can learn more about tech how-to’s, opportunities, career resources, interviews with inspiring role models, technology updates, personal insights and of course feminist issues. This initiative seeks to amplify women’s voices and ensure that they will get all the necessary inspiration and information to achieve their goals.

Diversity, curiosity and authenticity will always be applauded in here, so if any of all these resonates with you, stay here or even better…GET INVOLVED!

How to contribute:
Do you want to read about something specific? Let us know!
Do you want to write for us? Have a look at this page!
Are there any job openings in your company that you want to promote within our network? Again, get in touch!

Thanks to all the people and organizations who supported Code it Like a Girl 1.0 by volunteering or providing us with invaluable resources! Code it Like a Girl 2.0 welcomes all of you to support it in its continuing mission for a society where women will feel confident in their technological skills and have equal opportunities to innovate and channel their creativity towards the world’s development. The next months will be very active for Code it Like a Girl, so stay tuned for more!

Sincerely yours,

PS: Not to be forgotten ?


Coding is the new lingua franca and our world needs more women who speak it.