Karlie Kloss is one of the most famous models in the world, as she has been featured on the cover of innumerable famous fashion magazines and has walked many miles in the catwalk of Victoria Secret. What you may don’t know about her is that Karlie Kloss not only knows how to code but, at the same time, she tries to make even more women acquainted with computer technology.

In spring 2015 the young model announced that in collaboration with the Flatiron School she will offer 20 Kode with Karlie Scholarships, namely 20 scholarships for programming courses to girls aged 13 to 18. In fact, it was a summer school, during which, students were taught, among other things, the Ruby programming language and how to create their own mobile applications. The girls’ applications were sent in a video format because the main requirement to win the scholarship was to explain why they think programming learning is important.

Karlie Kloss herself was convinced of its importance in 2014, after she successfully completed drones programming courses. Talking about her experience, she admitted that:

“There’s a big misconception that coding is strictly mathematical; it’s actually incredibly creative. Code runs everything around us, and young women are so important to defining the future.


Indeed, the encouragement of more women to start working in the fields of Informatics and Communications is of vital importance, so that there won’t be a gender gap in the future. Today, the statistics are rather pessimistic, since in the USA only 12% are the women awarded computer science degrees. At the same time, it is estimated that in 2020 the available staff will be able to cover only 1/3 of the vacancies that require high technological specialization. Based on this data, Karlie Kloss is right to say that:

“the technological literacy of women ensures that they will be in a strong position in the society of the future”.


Leilani Jones and Amanda Southward were two of the girls that spent 2 weeks in Venice, Los Angeles, learning code. When they decided to apply, they had in mind all the stereotypes that present programming as a boring process. Despite all these, they dared to take a step forward. The cooperative atmosphere of the workshops and the fact they discovered the chances that programming can offer made their experience one of the most wonderful they ever had. In fact, Amanda, although she is only 13 years old, decided that she is going to study Informatics, while this period, she is preparing an app that aims at fighting stress!

#KodewithKarlie Scholarship owes its success not only to the fact that it introduced programming in an alternative way, but also to the person who took the initiative, namely Karlie Kloss. The girls were using the knowledge they had acquired to complete their own projects, and that was a motivation that made the learning process really creative. The presence of Kloss, from the other side, helped so that people can understand that programming is something that anyone can learn and it is not related to a specific background as far as studies of work are concerned.

Therefore, it is apparent now, that there are very many ways to make the process of programming learning fun and accessible to all. The example of Karlie Kloss combined with the concept of the programming workshops change gradually the landscape because they prove that programming is not only a useful skill for the future, but also a new way of expression and creativity!

Useful links: precollege.flatironschool.com

Written by Marianna Lazarou
Translated by Maria Piskiouli